3-D Basics with Blender

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This multi-day class will cover Blender 3D Software’s basic advanced concepts THAT ANYONE CAN TAKE! This is a fun class that anyone of any level can take and expand on their knowledge of 3D software/skills.

This class is designed so that anyone can sign up at any time and learn the skills to be efficient and creative!

Each week we will cover a different topic/area and circle back around toward the end of the cycle and expand on what they learn and get into

more advanced concepts. New students will have priority and be caught up and informed.

basics in 3d modeling (actually creating unique shapes with our tools)

basics in animation (moving objects and interaction)

basics in simulation and particles

physics and gravity

texture application and mapping

lighting and world settings

and so much more!

This class will cover a new topic each week and will be structured so that we can accomplish a goal/project in one class session but also have a personal project (encouraged but not required) where we take these tools and come up with something more ambitious.

I will demonstrate the tools and show the students What is Blender and the project build step by step, ensuring each student is successful. Once the students have mastered the tool or concept of the week I will suggest they come up with their own mini-project idea to realize before the next club(and they can choose to work together as well!)


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