How to make Animated Movies

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Students will learn the basics of animation. Over the Animation Classes for Kids of 5 weeks, they will go from having no former knowledge to having a grasp over the major concepts of the art form and knowing how to create their very own short animated films. This class gives students the skills to turn whatever fantastical things they can imagine into reality.

Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for five weeks. During this time students will be taught the basics of animation, including the 12 Principles, lip-syncing, layers, and parallax, how to use all of the necessary hardware and software for animated filmmaking, and how to put it all together to make their very own films.

Each week, we’ll learn some new concepts, and then spend the majority of class time creating an animation together that puts those concepts into practice. The homework each week will be to finish what we started in class, and if students follow along and complete the homework, they will end each week with a new short animation that shows off their new skills and their imagination. At the end of the class, the final assignment will be to put it all together into a final project where the students can create a longer animation about whatever they want and then share it with the class.


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