Intro to Filmmaking and Editing

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In this 12-week course students will first be introduced to film making and editing course in a nutshell, they will also get to share their goals for this course. Throughout the 12 weeks, students will find their own sense of creativity and start making their own films and editing their own work to their liking. Students will learn to dissect movies from the point of view of a filmmaker and also as an editor, we will identify major filmmakers from the past and now, we will thoroughly go through the editing and filmmaking process and discuss different apps and tools that can be helpful when filmmaking and we will be inspired by the work and growth of our peers. In the first class of each week, I will assign short filmmaking projects relating to what we discussed in class. These short films will be presented at our next meeting and we will discuss our thought process in making this film, there are no wrong answers in filmmaking so your work will never be turned away, but we are always looking for new ways to enhance our work. I will also assign movies and short videos for students to watch and learn from after every week. These movies and videos will all be age-appropriate of course and will be discussed in the following class. This is to help further along with the student’s understanding of filming making and editing. I will also have the students film and edit throughout the course and encourage them to share with the class so we can all grow and learn together. This class is very interactive and thrives on

participation, questions, and curiosity. By the end of film making and editing course, I would like each student to have this new tool in their toolbox and to feel confident in their creative style.


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