How to make awesome stop motion movies (Intro to Stop Motion)

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How to make Stop Motion Movies? Students will learn the basics of stop-motion filmmaking, not through rote exercises, but by doing. Over the course of 5 weeks, they will go from having no former knowledge to making their very own short stop motion film.

Live classes will be held once per week, for an hour per session, for five weeks. During this time students will learn the basics of stop motion filmmaking, including incrementalism, cinematography, walk cycles, blocking and staging, and voice acting. They will learn how to use their camera and other gear to capture the vision they have in their head. And

lastly, they will be taught tips and tricks for making their stop motion film appear completely seamless.

Students will complete the class with their very own short stop motion film!

Students are guaranteed individual instruction and attention during each session to ensure that their learning is tailored toward exactly what they need to learn best.

If you’ve ever sat down and made a movie with Lego characters, or if you’ve ever wanted to, this class will show you how to do it right and then take it to the next level!

Students will need a recent-model smartphone or tablet. They will also need clay, Legos, or some other animation medium. Lastly, they will need to download Stop Motion Studio, a free app, onto an Apple or Android mobile device.


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