Intro to 3D Character Animation with Blender

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A blender is a fantastic tool that is slowly becoming the leading 3d software. Blender used in Unity, 3d modeling, and animation. Many professional studios are now making the switch to Blender. A great example of this is Pixar used Blender to model Mr. Incredible!. Get the best 3d Animation Courses for Kids.

This class is for those who know Blender and want to dive into 3d character animation. Students need to know Blender in order to take this class because we will dive straight into animating a skull.

Blender is free to download at

Cyber Chasse 3d Animation Courses for Kids is a multi-day class where each class is working on a new animation to put in their animation showreel at the end of class. If the project is not completed that day, then it will be assigned as homework.


Full-Stack Designer | Front-end Developer

Full-Stack Designer | Front-end Developer

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